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Starting from May 8, 2024, People's courts at all levels should search the case database of people's courts and make judgments based on similar cases stored in the database when trying cases

Urban-rural gap in personal injury compensation closed

China's top court clarifies rules on private loans, which greatly lowers the upper limit of private loan rate

China is strengthening intellectual property protection

Our firm won the case of infringing trade secrets on behalf of Beijing Sameee Cryogenics Co., Ltd. which was selected as one of the top ten typical cases of intellectual property rights in Qingdao.

Michael Jordan wins partial trademark victory in China's Supreme Court

China IP Protection 2015-white paper

Circular of the State Intellectual Property Office on Issuing the Guidelines for the Determination of Patent Infringements (for Trial Implementation), the Rules of Evidence on Patent-related Administrative Law Enforcement (for Trial Implementation) and the Guidelines for Administrative Mediation of Patent Disputes (for Trial Implementation) 

China Enhances Patent Protection Administrative Enforcement 

visiting China Legal Bureau (Singapore)

China revises Legislation Law, paving way for legal reform

Three-year work permits offered to foreign employees in China

SAIC issued Penalty measures agasint infringing upon consumer rights and interests

Xi promotes judicial reform, IP tribunals

China Granted 208,000 Invention Patents in 2013

the Administration Regulations for the National Standards Relating to Patents (Provisional) released and implemented

China Laws Forum 2014-China State Secrets & US Discovery was successfully held

China relaxes firm registration requirements

Opening Reception of London Innovation Showcase
Held in Beijing

The 1st US Technology Startups China Roadshow

China IP_Protection_WebinarSlides

China IP Protection Forum
2013 Successfully Held

How to Protect Registered Trademark Right in China

The State Intellectual Property Office released the statistics of 2012 China Invention Patents

China IP Protection 2012-white paper

China I
P Protection 2011-white paper

How to Protect Your Patent Right in China

The draft of fourth revision for Chinese Patent Law has been open for public comments

Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Amending the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China

Schedule of fees for chinese patent

Invite to cooperate: looking for new clients, finding new clients

Invite International Law Firms to Cooperate  



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